Daily Journey - June 4

  • 2022 4 Jun

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June 4

2 Samuel 21; Luke 18:31-43

Thought From Today’s Old Testament Passage:

[2 Samuel 22]

The character of David is revealed in the two psalms recorded here. In the first of these, found in this chapter, we find the deepest things concerning him. It may be well to note its main divisions, with the definite teaching of each.

  1. Verses 2-4. Jehovah is declared to be the Source of all strength.
  2. Verses 5-16. All deliverances are wrought directly by Jehovah Himself.
  3. Verses 17-25. Deliverance is wrought by Jehovah on the condition of righteousness realized in the conduct of His people.
  4. Verses 26-28. In these words we have revealed the principles of relationship between God and man. God is to man what man is to God.
  5. Verses 29-46. The singer here bears experimental testimony to the truth of the things he has celebrated in song.
  6. Verses 47-51. The psalm ends with a fine doxology, setting forth the praise of Jehovah.

Such convictions—of the absolute sovereignty of Jehovah, of His omnipotent power to deliver, of the necessity for obedience to His law, and of assurance that in the case of such obedience He ever acts for His people—constituted the underlying strength of David’s character. In all probability this psalm was written before his sin, and if so, it will readily be understood how terrible was his sorrow when he recognized his failure.

(G. Campbell Morgan, An Exposition of the Whole Bible (Fleming H. Revell Company, Westwood, NJ, MCMLIX), page 135)

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