Daily in Your Presence - May 30

Day 151


The Lord thunders at the head of his army;
his forces are beyond number,
and mighty are those who obey his command.
Joel 2:11


My child, did you know I recruited you into My army because of the awesome potential I saw in you? As with Gideon, I recognized you as a "mighty one of valor." When you follow Me and pay close attention to My commands, together we can make an invincible team against the enemy. There are times I may ask you to stand still and let Me fight for you. And at other times, I will give you precise instructions as an enlisted soldier. Trust My words. I am your chief commander and will always bring victory.

Lord, in every battle I've ever faced, You've been there as my chief commander. At times I've gone AWOL, cowering under the pressure of my enemy. When I followed Your leadership, sweet victory always came. In spite of my failures, You reward me with the medal of honor: Your unconditional love.


God's Word is our weapon; His Spirit is our sword.

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