Daily in Your Presence - Dec. 4

Day 339


To the only God our Savior be glory,

majesty, power and authority,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Jude 25

My child, My intimate relationship with you does not preclude the need to respect My authority and leadership in your life. Without it, your life would be like a ship on a storm-tossed sea. Keep following My commands. They will keep you on the right track. And if anyone questions your beliefs, tell them about Me. I am the only real authority that brings freedom.

Lord, even nature waits in hibernation, resting in Your care and listening for Your voice so it can rise once again. Your voice has authority, more than any teacher or ruler who ever lived. I join all of Your creation in honoring You and Your authority.


Some of us are confused. Instead of letting Christ be Lord over us, we think we are to lord it over others.

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