Daily in Your Presence - Dec. 19

Day 354


Therefore strong peoples will honor you;

cities of ruthless nations will revere you.

Isaiah 25:3

My child, in the same way that I revere My Father, I enjoy when you reverence My Father. And I enjoy when you reverence My name. When you speak the name of Jesus softly, like an adoring child, My arms open wide to receive you. And when you shout My name boldly in the presence of the enemy, I send heaven's host rushing to your defense. Know that when you bow at My feet and offer tears of gratitude and repentance, My love engulfs you and receives your praises gladly. These are holy moments to Me.

Even Your enemies hush when heaven speaks Your name. All creation bows with wonder as the night of miracles ap-proaches. You revered Your Father, always doing what honored Him the most. I, too, bow in reverence and celebrate Your coming, Lord.


There are times when a holy God desires a holy hush in His presence.

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