The God Moments of Your Life [Part 2] - Daily Good News with Alan Wright - April 9

The God Moments of Your Life [Part 2]

Are you ready for some good news?

God has always been there – in the valleys and on the mountaintops. Your life is full of God Moments whether you know it or not.

Today’s text: “And he dreamed, and behold, there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. And behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it! … 'Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.'" (Genesis 28:12, 16, ESV)

Jacob, as much as any Biblical figure, was searching for blessing. As the younger twin, Jacob assumed he needed to be like his older brother, Esau, if he was going to be blessed. Eventually, Jacob pretended to be his brother in order to trick his aged father, Isaac, and steal his brother’s blessing.

Esau hated Jacob for his thievery and wanted to kill the younger brother. So Jacob fled. While en route to Haran, Jacob rested his head on a stone in the wilderness and had a vision of a ladder that connected Heaven and Earth. Then the Lord spoke, affirming His promise to give the land to Jacob and his descendants. When Jacob awoke, he spoke simple words to himself that reverberate with power down through the ages:

“Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.”

Jacob, who had spent his life struggling to find blessing, began to realize that he was already blessed and didn’t know it. A man, who always was striving to find a connection between Heaven’s blessing and his ordinary life, saw God where he had not seen him before.

Likewise, your life is connected to God, whether you realize it or not. Sometimes, when life is hard, we assume God is absent. Other times, when life is wonderful, we forget the true Source of all blessing. But, when you recognize and remember God’s presence in your life, you see your life accurately. The more you see God in your life, the more your faith grows.

I call it the God Moment principle. How you remember yesterday determines how you will live tomorrow. It’s so important that God fills the pages of scripture with the simple exhortation to, “Remember, remember, remember.” Jacob’s life had been connected to Heaven, but he didn’t know it. When he discovered God where he had not previously seen Him, it began to change everything.

Your life is full of God moments whether you know it or not. And that’s the Gospel!

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Originally published April 09, 2020.