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Daily Disciples - Dec. 7, 2011


December 7

Today’s Reading: Daniel 52 John 1

Today’s Thoughts: What is Double Minded? Part 1

"he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways." James 1:8

James tells us not to be double-minded because we will be unstable in all our ways. No one wants to be unstable, so how can we prevent ourselves from being double-minded?

First, we have to define what it means to be double-minded. Thinking through decisions and weighing out the cost/benefit ratio is not being double-minded. That, instead, is called "counting the cost." In every decision we make, we need to count the cost; it is important to gather information and know the options first. This process can take some time, and for some of us, it takes too long when our thoughts become consumed by our choices. It is important to include the Lord during the "count the cost" process because if we have missed something, the Lord will bring to mind what we need to remember. But there is only so much information we can gather and there is only so much time that can be allotted for each decision. Continuing to extend the process; leads to second guessing (or being double-minded). Set a time limit to gather information and then make a decision. No looking back and no regrets. It is better to make a wrong decision than to make no decision. God can work together anything for good and we learn from every decision, the right and the wrong ones.

Another way to prevent double-mindedness is by asking the Lord for wisdom. Your goal should be to make a choice that will bless the Lord as well as be best for you. At the outset, do not jump to conclusions of what you think is best in pleasing Him. When I have done this in the past, I usually ended up being wrong. For some odd reason, I tend to believe that whatever is best for God is not what is best for me. WRONG! Or I want to believe that what is best for me has to be best for God—wrong again. Be open, be willing, and be in the Word. When we ask for wisdom, we are really asking for God to make His choices known to us. We have to be willing to listen. The only way I have learned to be willing to listen is by understanding that God's ways are best for me, regardless of what those "ways" may look like. He is a God of love and purpose, and His purposes are filled with love. We can trust Him. Pray and believe in faith that God hears you. James tells us to not doubt that it is God answering. Pray for faith to do what He has led you to do, despite your doubts.

(Part 2 in tomorrow's reading)

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