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Born for It - Week of Sept. 27

Published Sep 26, 2011

The Straight and Narrow
By Mason Betha

Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. 
– Matthew 7:14

What are you living for? Is it the bright, flashing lights? Do you wake up consumed with the feeling of “I can’t wait until everyone knows my name so I can be celebrated”?

If so, then I have a few Scriptures that I would like you to consider. Perhaps they might cause you to be more at peace with taking the narrow road to please the Father and produce in you a greater bravery in your Christian walk.

One of those Scriptures is Matthew 10:22, where Jesus promises us that as they hated Him, they would hate us also because we dared to follow Him. This can help us not to look for this world to appreciate us and pat us on the back when we do our best to impersonate Jesus Christ. 

In addition, in Matthew 7:14 Jesus makes another statement to the wise: “narrow is the way… and few there be that find it.” This statement comes from a parable that must be studied over and over again. For each time that I have, it has helped me answer the question of why every obedient saint receives criticism from the world. 

You see, this world system chooses to approve, celebrate, and honor those who keep the broad way. The enemy wants to keep error magnified before mankind to ensure that we think it doesn’t pay to obey God and that disobedience pays off right now. Such images can weigh on people’s willingness to handle matters the right way.

However, God’s way… the narrow way… is still the correct way! It’s the way to heaven!

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