Softening a Tough Exterior - Beloved Women - May 28, 2019

Softening a Tough Exterior – Beloved Women – May 28, 2019


“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions. Your laws please me; they give me wise advice.” - Psalms 119: 18,24 NLT


When I worked for a difficult boss, it became my habit to surreptitiously read my Bible at my desk as an extension of my daily quiet time. My boss had a brusque manner and walked around with a stern face while making unreasonable demands. She was impolite and spoke in a condescending tone. Many did not like her and thought of ways to attack her. I overheard many conversations with my coworkers wishing the worse on her. But beneath her stern demeanor, I saw sadness and pain and knew I needed wisdom from God’s Word to interact with her differently.

Eventually, we met for lunch where I was able to learn a little bit about her. She was battling many tough circumstances in her life. Those challenges had taken a toll on her and as a result, she was misunderstood. Her tough exterior was an attempt at protecting her heart. I walked away from our lunch with a new appreciation for her and gratitude. I was grateful that reading God’s Word provided the insight and foresight to deal with this situation with love. The imprint of God’s Word on my heart allowed me to see her as a person who also needed God’s love. God’s Word is powerful and provides guidance on how to deal with difficult people. May the truth of God’s Word daily guide our words, attitudes, and how we interact with others.


Dear Lord, I thank you that your Word provides wise advice for dealing with people and circumstances. May I take the time to get to know you through reading Your Word. In Jesus Christ’s Name, I pray, Amen.


How has spending time in God’s word allowed you to view your circumstances differently?


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