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What Should We Do After We Evangelize? - Answers for Church Members - June 18

9 Marks

What should we do after we evangelize?
That depends mainly on your hearer’s response. Here are some responses you might encounter.

I’m undecided. If people tell us that they can’t make up their mind, we certainly can’t force them to. But we must not offer them comfort in their indecision. In humanity’s rebellion against God there is no real neutrality. 

I want to wait. If you sense that someone is just not attracted to the gospel, be clear about the message and then drop it. Pray for them, but don’t pester them. On the other hand, perhaps they are gradually being convinced of the truth of the gospel but they are still counting the cost or clinging to some favorite sin. If you think that might be the case, pray for wisdom. Prod them gently, pray for the Spirit to convict them, and be patient.

No, never. If someone adamantly rejects the gospel, the best we can do is pray. Don’t despair. God has saved violent persecutors of Christians. God has saved you. If he can do that, he can save anyone. So pray for the person. Ask God to change their heart.

I believe. Anyone who professes faith in Christ should be brought into the local church. They should be baptized and admitted to the Lord’s Supper. They should be taught about their new responsibilities and privileges as Christians. But be careful. Jesus warns that of those who respond positively to his word, only some will prove to be genuine believers (Mark 4:1-9). So be careful about offering someone immediate assurance. Encourage them to persevere in faith and pray that their faith would show itself to be genuine.

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Originally published June 18, 2020.