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Stagnant Christians - Alternative View - August 2

Stagnant Christians

In His Presence: Colossians 4:2

The carnal Christian is a stagnant Christian. The apostle Paul told the church in Corinth: “Indeed, even now you are not yet able, for you are still fleshly” (1 Corinthians 3:2-3). Even though a carnal Christian is saved, he has had little or no development over time. It is dismaying as a pastor to watch Christians who come to church week after week, month after month, year after year, making no progress even though they may be performing. They commit the same old sins the same way. They are not overcoming these sins that in time they should be mature enough to overcome. They refuse to think biblically.

What marks a stagnant Christian is their persistence in the milk of the word. We can call them the “A B C” Christians. “A B C” Christians are still learning how to read, while their peers are graduating from high school. The difference between the stagnant and growing Christian is that the stagnant Christian does not use the time since salvation to grow spiritually.

A carnal Christian is like a vehicle that has stalled because it has run out of gasoline. We are stalled if we still measure success in our spiritual lives purely by how much we were entertained in church. The Holy Spirit is there to provide the power, but your spiritual life needs gas. There’s nothing wrong with the engine, but the gasoline needed for this car to run is our commitment to grow. It needs our persistence.

One Minute Please

We have to make a decision on our own to move from the milk of the Word to solid food.

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