Activate - May 23


Read: Proverbs 6

Key Verse: “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!” - Proverbs 6:6

Have you ever had a trail of ants walking through your house? I remember waking up one morning and finding a river of ants traveling across our kitchen. The clean up and removal of insects lasted all day. Ants are not usually a welcomed guest inside of a home, but they display diligence and teamwork in any setting. God is giving the sluggard an assignment: observe the work ethic of an ant!

A healthy approach to work includes: 1) knowing how and when to team up with other people 2) making sure the job is completed 3) having a commitment to excellence 4) storing provisions to help other people or survive bleak seasons.

Ants are very small, but size can be overcome with determination and cooperation. You may feel insignificant and weak, but God is encouraging you to yield to Him and let the Holy Spirit display His power through your daily work. Your hard work is God’s wisdom.

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