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Activate - May 22


Read: Proverbs 5

Key Verse: “Lest you give your best strength to others and your years to one who is cruel.” - Proverbs 5:10

Has anyone ever burglarized your home, stolen your wallet, or manipulated you financially? How did it make you feel? The lips of an adulterer drip honey and the words are smoother than oil, but the end is bitterness (Proverbs 5:3-4). Internet scams and false emails abound. There are people who are trained to pickpocket, steal passports, and sneak away with your luggage when you travel. Hackers work day and night to acquire people’s secret passwords. All of these are examples of sad cases of getting ripped off. How can you prevent such scenarios? Become aware of the tactics of the opposition.

You have been giving strength from God and have decisions how you want to invest it. Know these common deceptions and do not fall for these cruel paths:

1) Selfishness will destroy a marriage and a family. 2) Materialism will land you in debt and valuing things more than people. 3) Unforgiveness will destroy you on the inside and trap you. 4) Pride will boast about your resume but leave you with an empty soul. 5) Hypocrisy will make you appear to be very spiritual to the people you can fool, but inside you know you are trying to live a double life and are distant from God. Do not be ripped off because you do not have to be a victim. Choose to spend your strength on what will last for eternity!

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