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Activate - May 19


Read: Proverbs 2

Key Verse: “Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.” - Proverbs 2:11

Discretion with your words helps you to know when to speak and when to be quiet. Discretion with your conversations reveals who to share information with and who is not safe. Discretion notices who is a gossip, who is loyal, who is prayerful, who is mature, who is wise and who is bitter. Do not just speak freely to everyone, or you will pay a dear price. How does Jesus use discretion?

Discretion in dating helps you avoid headaches. Discretion in investments prevents poverty. Discretion in work makes it clear who is a good partner. Have standards that protect you. Do not be naïve. Learn from mistakes and do not repeat them. God gives you insights to protect you. Understanding from the Holy Spirit assists you as you navigate through family situations and relationships. Purity is always from the Lord and leaves no regrets.

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