Activate - March 30, 2015



Read: Psalm 65

Key Verse: “God stilled the roaring of the seas, the roaring of their waves, and the turmoil of the nations.” - Psalm 65:7

Are there areas of your life that feel out of control, causes of frustration, demands that seem endless, and a sense of being overwhelmed? Are you trying to simply put a smile over this and look very spiritual on the outside? How much are you really casting your worries on the Lord? The first step in coping is realizing there is a good God who cares about you and what you are facing.

God is able to still the roaring sea, supply peace to the nations, redeem His people, and bring order to the chaos. Why do we look to so many other sources for peace instead of going directly to God? Identify the source of your angst, open up your heart to God in prayer, ask Him to carry the weight, and make the practical adjustments he communicates through His Spirit. His peace can be yours.

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