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Activate - March 3


Read: Psalm 97

Key Verse: “Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.” - Psalm 97:11

Do you feel good when you walk away from a temptation that is connected to gluttony, greed, sexual impurity, or gossip? For many people, it is a mixture of emotions: a fleshly disappointment that the enticement will not be experienced and a rich satisfaction in honoring God and holding on to integrity. The apostle Paul describes this internal tug-of-war in Romans chapter 7. Why do you say no to temptation and sin?

There are two things that increase in your life when you walk closely with God: light and joy. When you walk in the darkness you will stumble and suffer. God will reveal more of His plan to you, however, when you are faithful in what He has given you to do. God’s light gives direction, radiance, favor, vision, and hope. There is no way to separate God’s light and joy. You have been made for a purpose and when your heart is on the right track, your soul beams with a taste of heaven.

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