Activate - March 21


Read: Psalm 111

Key Verse: “He provided redemption for His people; He ordained His covenant forever-holy and awesome is His name.” - Psalm 111:9

To redeem means to buy back or purchase. If you lose your wedding ring, then see it in a pawn shop you have the opportunity to redeem it. When you pay the store owner cash and put it back on your finger, your ring has been redeemed. All of us rebel against God, but by His grace, He redeems us through the precious blood of Jesus. Without the sacrifice of Jesus, there is no forgiveness of sins.

How does it feel to be redeemed? It should be humbling that God was willing to make such a sacrifice for you. It should produce gratitude that you are rescued forever. It should lead to a feeling of security and acceptance that you are back home with the Lord and that He cherishes His relationship with you. And it should result in great praise that you give to God. Redemption is not just a concept, it is a reality and has changed your eternal destiny!

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