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Activate - March 18


Read: Psalm 108

Key Verse: “Give us aid against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless.” - Psalm 108:12

Have you reached the point in life when you realize that you need more than merely help from a person? What about when the doctor says that is all they can do? Or when a loved one dies and no person can carry them to heaven? Or when you need help when tempted and you are alone? Or wanting to see a loved one turn to the Lord? David writes this psalm as his enemies want to destroy him. He needs protection and deliverance that only God can bring.

You can pray right now: “Father God, I need your help! There are boulders in my life no person can move. I have dreams that are unfulfilled, longings that are delayed, wisdom for decisions needed, patterns that are unhealthy, and healings that go beyond medicine. I am crying out for your help Jesus. It is only Your strength and power that can turn this situation around. I will give You all of the glory for every answered prayer. I pray in Your name Jesus, amen.”

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