Activate - March 17


Read: Psalm 107

Key Verse: “Some became fools through their rebellious ways and suffered affliction because of their iniquities.” - Psalm 107:17

When people read the commands of God, initially it may seem restrictive. We have urges and inclinations that lead us away from God. Ironically, we think that our direction and desires are actually better than God’s plan for us. We do not always verbalize that, but our actions speak loudly. The myth is that true love lets you do whatever you want and sets no limits.

Does a parent let a child do whatever they please? Why not? True compassion wants to protect and provide. God’s Word rebukes us at times because that is true love. Remember this: SIN = UNNECESSARY SUFFERING! The cynical person explains how sin initially feels good. The cheap thrill quickly wears off though and the consequences start. The unnecessary affliction always outweighs the pleasure. What is one rebellious way in your life that you need to change?

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