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Activate - March 11, 2015


Read: Psalm 47

Key Verse: “God reigns over the nations; God is seated on His holy throne.” - Psalm 47:8

Nations are formed to display the creativity and power of God. Countries have the potential to drift far away from God. Pride and false teaching can spread among the people. Whenever you consider the size, military, injustice, government, policies, and people of any nation, remember that God’s purposes will prevail. There will be people in heaven from every nation.

When Jesus returns, there will be a final battle in which the Son of Man defeats all of His enemies. All of the nations are no match for the Lord and His holy wrath. How do we live until that day comes? 1) Pray for the nations. 2) Go to the nations and spread the gospel. 3) Give to people who reach out to the world. 4) Welcome people from other nations into your home. 5) Encourage other people to love the world. 6) Assist children caught in poverty and human trafficking. Make a difference beyond the borders of your own land and intentionally build God’s kingdom around the world.

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