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Activate - July 29, 2014


Read: James 2

Key Verse: “But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers.” - James 2:9

James was addressing a significant issue in the health of the church. When people came to worship, they were being treated differently based on their economic situation. If someone had more money, they might be offered a nicer seat, a bigger smile, a warmer hug, and a greater degree of kindness. If another person had less finances, they might be given a colder reception. This is sin.

Are you ever tempted to treat people unequally on the basis of economics, race, social skills, hygiene, nationality, or how much you have in common? Examine you heart and repent of any ungodly attitudes or prejudices. The body of Christ should be a picture of unity and love. Favoritism causes wounds and division. You honor God when you honor His children consistently with love and hospitality. How can you apply this verse in your relationships this week?

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