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Activate - January 29, 2016


Read: Malachi 1

Key Verse: “You will see it with your own eyes and say: Great is the Lord- even beyond the borders of Israel!” - Malachi 1:5

Malachi is a prophet, whose name means ‘my messenger’. The name ‘Lord Almighty’ appears 20 times in this book. In this particular verse, God makes it clear that the Israelites would see the power of God as He handles the proud Edomites. God is the Ruler over all nations and humbles proud, self-reliant countries. The greatness of God is displayed throughout the entire world!

1)    How has God’s greatness been revealed in your life?
2)    When has God encouraged you with His power and justice?
3)    How would you describe the greatness of Jesus to someone?
4)    What are you longing to see God do in your lifetime?

Spend a few minutes in prayer, thanking God for His great miracles. Ask God to display His greatness in your generation and in the nations of the world where there is injustice.

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