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Activate - January 28


Read: Psalm 73

Key Verse: “But as for me, my feet almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold.” - Psalm 73:2

What temptation is a common stumbling block for you? Eyes filled with lust, gluttony, gossip, pride, unforgiveness, or laziness? In this psalm, Asaph confesses that he started to go down the road of complaining and envying cruel and selfish people who are prospering. He is watching people who appear to have rejected obedience to God, but are enjoying life with no apparent struggles!

Asaph comes back to his senses when he enters the sanctuary of God. Praising God, listening to God, entering onto prayer, and submitting ourselves to God restores a healthy perspective:1) Purity is not in vain. 2) The final destiny of those who reject God is punishment. 3) There is no joy like the presence of the Lord. 4) Humility moves beyond jealousy, an attitude of entitlement, and impure pleasures.

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