Activate - January 17

FOR YOU     

Read: Psalm 66

Key Verse: “Come and see what God has done, how awesome His works in man’s behalf!” - Psalm 66:5

If you wanted to thank God for everything he has done for you, where would you start? Making you, sustaining your physical life, saving your soul, the promise of going to heaven with Jesus, family and friends, food and shelter, and the list continues and continues every day. Has your gratitude been hiding under complaints and discouragement?

God gives these incredible blessings for His glory. This statement is theologically correct as His character and goodness are seen in His loving kindness and grace. The psalmist points out there is another aspect to God’s gifts which cannot be ignored. God provides them for our benefit. Parting the Red Sea, winning daily battles, and answering prayers are all examples of His caring touch. These acts of power and mercy are for Him and they are also for you.

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