Activate - December. 25


Read: Psalm 49

Key Verse: “For he will take nothing with him when he dies, his splendor will not descend with him.” Psalm 49:17

How closely do you watch the stock market? Do you ever lose sleep over your financial situation? Ever tempted to envy someone who is wealthy or love money? How much of your security is based upon how much is in your bank account or retirement fund? Sadly, we sometimes link our peace of mind, self-esteem, moods, hope, and sense of worth to money.

This psalm is a reality check and a wake-up call. You will take none of your money with you when you die. Money is temporary, earthly, and overrated. How you handle your money is more important than how much you have. Use your money for kingdom purposes and your rewards will outlast your cash. God does care about your financial choices, but make sure your heart is invested in the right treasure. People last forever but money disappears.

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