Activate - December 20


Read:  Psalm 46

Key Verse: “Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.” Psalm 46:2

An acronym for fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real. The next time you are afraid, make sure the danger is real. Most people spend time and energy worrying about events that will never happen. Although you might feel scared, you then have choices about what you do with your fear. You select what you want to focus on with your mind and what you want to entertain in your heart.

What about when the event is real? Concern can be good as it helps us prepare for a disaster, prevent avoidable danger, and provide for people in need. The psalmist is writing about God who comforts us beyond our fears. Knowing God is with you, for you, inside you, and ahead of you is a powerful truth. Choose faith over fear: you will live by one of these in every moment. Wisdom prepares, concern motivates, but fear suffocates. Fears must bow down to Almighty God.

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