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Activate - August 4, 2015



Read: Proverbs 8

Key Verse: “My mouth speaks what is true, for my lips detest wickedness.” - Proverbs 8:7

Do you hate sin? This week a man told me about how many people try to involve him in gossip. Have you ever noticed how many conversations are filled with slander? He has made a decision to not be passive. When someone shares some inappropriate information, he says: “I do not want to talk about anyone who is not in the room with us. I know we do not want people talking about us. Let’s only talk about someone if they are here.” That is one way to redirect a gossiper! How do you stop and deflect slander?

If you love God, then you love truth. Speaking with lies, exaggerations, embellishments, and deception is no longer your language. Obscenities and swearing does not fit with who you are. Words of despair and negativity are not your calling. What part of your speech needs to get cleaned up? Spend some time in prayer now asking God to help you detest wickedness and speaks words that are humble, accurate, and healing.

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