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Activate - August 10, 2015



Read: Proverbs 12

Key Verse: “A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.” - Proverbs 12:4

Your most important decision in life is choosing a Savior. The second most significant decision is selecting a spouse. Who wants decay in their bones? If your husband or wife is undermining, cruel, irresponsible, or proud, it can be draining. The goal of marriage is to bring out the best in the other person. A healthy marriage points people to Jesus, and it is clearly seen that Jesus is at the center of the relationship.

Noble character includes more praying and less complaining, more patience and less of a temper, more diligence and less excuses, more faith and less negativity, more truth and less lies, more love and less resentment, more consistency and less of a double life. What are some changes that you would like to make in your marriage? If you are single, what character qualities are you cultivating before your wedding? Do not settle for a mediocre marriage; be the partner who is a crown of joy and honor with your spouse.

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