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Activate - April 8


Read: Psalm 123

Key Verse: “Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we have endured much contempt.” - Psalm 123:3

The psalmist is tired because he has been treated unfairly. Have you felt this way recently? Maybe someone has misunderstood you, falsely accused you, highlighted your failures, battled against you, undermined you behind your back, or looked down upon you. Maybe no one is thanking you or showing you any appreciation?

There is honesty in this prayer. On your own strength, you are running out of patience, perseverance, protection, and power. Arrogant people can do a lot of damage. Asking the Lord for a special measure of restoration, rest, relief, and refreshment today is your best response. God’s mercy can heal wounds and provide fresh determination.

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