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Activate - April 22


Read: Psalm 133

Key Verse: “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” - Psalm 133:1

Are your biggest obstacles to unity in the areas of personality, doctrine, past sins, current threats, or misunderstandings? Do you desire more unity with your family, friends, nation, or church? In the Lord, unity is the prayer and goal for believers.

Disunity is like having a dislocated finger or shoulder: it stings! Humility and forgiveness are the railroad tracks that lead to harmony.

Discernment is an important part of reconciliation. There are times when space and distance is wise. Some people are not safe, and closeness will be very harmful. There are also situations when you apologize to someone, but they will not forgive you and the results are out of your control. In the majority of relationships, however, living together in unity is possible and enjoyable. Ask the Lord to grant you the wisdom and words to restore nearness with your brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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