A Word with You - September 8, 2020

The "God Is For Girls" Myth

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Jeff was the quarterback of our high school football team back when we lived in New Jersey. He always attended this little Bible study we had pre-game, but he never made a commitment to Christ. Well, I saw him on one of his breaks from college. He said, "You know, Ron, I've made a commitment to Christ now, but it was hard to do it in high school, especially because we were guys.

Well, think about that! I mean, look at the population of any average church youth group. Mostly guys? No, it's usually mostly girls. Look at the missionaries around the world. More men? No, a lot more women it seems like. If one person in a married couple is a believer, more often than not isn't it the wife? What's going on here? Well, weren't the first 12 followers of Jesus men?

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Originally published September 08, 2020.