A Word with You - September 9, 2020

When the Kids All Agree

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When our kids were growing up, we had an interesting system of government at our house. I had one big vote, and theoretically my one vote could count more than the other four sometimes. Nice system. That was the theory. In reality it didn't happen very often. There's one dynamic that takes place before a family decision that really can change the outcome, and that's what I would call skillful lobbying; especially by my three children, and they got really good at it.

Let's say one of them didn't want to go for dinner where we were planning to go. He wanted pizza. He'd come in and say, "Dad, I don't want to go there, I want pizza." Okay, he's going to get overruled. Then two of them would come in together; (he managed somehow to get somebody else to come with him) and they would say "We want pizza, Dad." Well, that was a little stronger, but then all three of them came together. "We want pizza!" Well, to tell you the truth, we usually ended up changing where we were going, even though I wanted to go somewhere else. There's honestly power in kids asking together.

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Originally published September 09, 2020.