A Word with You - Oct. 26, 2012


How a Girl Becomes a Princess


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You know, there's something about a princess.

I know our granddaughters sure think so. They've got princess everything, the dolls, the sheets, tiaras. We probably got most of them for them. Well, you get the picture. But, you know, our granddaughters aren't unusual. So many little girls, from lots of generations, have grown up with dreams of being a princess. And look! What's at the center of Disney World's Fantasyland when you go there? Well, of course, Cinderella's Castle.

Recently, much of the world was enthralled watching a "commoner" become a royal princess. You know, in that sea of people that were in London for the royal wedding, the camera spotted one lady with a sign that simply said, "It should have been me." I smiled and then I thought, "How many girls, even the ones who are all grown up, wish the princess thing was more than a fantasy?"

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Originally published October 26, 2012.