A Word with You - Oct. 8, 2012


A Precarious Planet

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With the era of space shuttle flights coming to an end, I was thinking back to some of those original pioneering flights to the moon - the Apollo missions. It was mind-blowing to think that we had reached the point where men like us could actually walk on that moon that had just been that distant light in the night for millennia. It really was a big deal!

But Buzz Aldrin, one of the astronauts to first walk on the moon, put things in perspective when their spacecraft was about halfway to the moon. He said he looked out the window at our earth and then he put his thumb up in his line of vision. He said, "Suddenly, no earth." This planet that is like our everything could be covered by a man's thumb. But not only is it a small planet in the cosmic scheme of things, but well, as events have recently reminded us, it's a vulnerable little place, too.

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Originally published October 08, 2012.