A Word with You - November 6, 2019


When You Know You're Not Staying

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One of the great chapters in the history of the modern church has been the Billy Graham crusades, reaching millions of people around the world. We were preparing for one in our area, and it was amazing to watch the Billy Graham Crusade Team move in to help us organize what was an unprecedented effort. One of our first jobs was a pretty practical one. The setup team needed housing for the year. A lot of people had ideas of what kind of places the team members should live in, but the Crusade Team, they had experience. They knew what it took to come in for a year.

For one thing, they moved every year, if you can imagine that. We're talking committed people here. I heard the Crusade Director explaining to a realtor just what they were looking for. He said something like this, "We need a one-year lease. We won't be here long." Okay. "We need the most reasonable price; we can't spend a lot. We need a place that will require minimal yard work and maintenance. We'll be so busy we won't have much time." Well, you know what? I think they've got it right.

Jesus is still looking for some modern day apostolic type people who aren't burdened down with a lot of baggage. Think about it. Pray about it. Does your Lord want you to simplify your life in some ways? Does He want you to lighten up on the baggage a little bit? Does He want you to start to untangle your life some?

You see, you live very differently when you know you're not staying.

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Originally published November 06, 2019.