A Word with You - Nov. 15, 2012


You Can Chase Me, But You Can't Have Me

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Over the years, two words that could really stir up some action at our house go like this, "Let's romp!" Yeah, uh-huh. You have to understand I was a father of two sons, and that meant that Dad is ready for some "rough housing" with one or maybe two sons. But I learned I had to be careful, because then one day they got to be my size. So I didn't say that much any more.

That was a key to a lot of fun, "Let's romp!" But when they were small, I would sort of antagonize them until they took after me. And they'd pursue me through the house. And much to my wife's dismay, I can hear her yelling three words, "Save the furniture!" Well, the boys would jump me; they'd make loud noises and growl and try to keep me down. Of course I acted real scared and I acted like I was almost beat, but it was no contest. They were after me, but they couldn't really hurt me. Just like some attackers who may be chasing you right now.

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Originally published November 15, 2012.