A Word with You - May 27, 2020

The Not So Grim Reapers

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Not long ago our family got in one of those uproarious "remember when" conversations. And the subject was various times that we had disciplined our children, and they were going way back. This took an hour and a half of them thinking back, "Remember the time you..." "Oh, yeah, that was hilarious!" We explained, for example, how we had always tried to discipline with natural consequences. You know, if you did something wrong with your mouth, you had to be quiet for a while. Or maybe in some cases have your mouth washed out. If you did something wrong with your hands, then you had to fold your hands; you forfeited the right to use them. At which point our oldest son said, "But I never did anything wrong with my bottom!" Which is where a lot of the disciplining took place. So much for natural consequences!

Well, that launched a discussion of great spankings we have known, including the ones that we were just now told didn't even hurt! They didn't tell us that at the time. Oh, listen, this whole thing went a long time. It was crazy! I mean, it was a laughing, loving, learning time for all of us, and a reminder of what might be a parent's biggest challenge.

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Originally published May 27, 2020.