A Word with You - May. 17, 2011


Life-Giving Love

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First we hear the stories of the disasters. Then we hear the stories of the people affected by those disasters. Especially the heroes. You might remember seeing the horrific floods that swept through Queensland, Australia, carrying away loved ones, and houses, cars, communities. But there's one story from that tragedy that I will not soon forget. It's about a 13-year-old boy named Jordan - from a town called Toowoomba.

His mom was driving with him and his brother when the water on the street began to rise. Their car stalled. And when mom made a desperate emergency call, the operator told them just to stay put. But they were forced to climb onto the car roof after the floodwaters started rising rapidly around them. Now there were people watching, but no bystanders tried to help. Until one man yelled out for some rope, which he wrapped around himself and jumped in.

Well, young Jordan couldn't swim and was terrified of water. But when the man came to rescue him, he said, "Save my brother first." So he did save his ten-year-old brother. But the rope that he then tied around Jordan and his mother broke. They were swept downstream. They were carried away by those raging waters. A Facebook page was set up to honor that young hero. More than 150,000 supporters joined the tribute.

Make this the day you begin your relationship with the One who came and died to rescue you. I'm glad He didn't stay dead. He walked out of His grave under His own power three days later. So, He's alive to walk into your life, this very day. The website is YoursForLife.net.

It really matters to God what you do with His Son, after the sacrifice His Son made for you. Don't miss this chance to belong to Him.

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Originally published May 17, 2011.