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A Word with You - June 17, 2011


Hesitating on the Tightrope

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Wallenda. That's a name that is synonymous with tightrope artistry, high wire drama. The Great Wallendas! The patriarch of the Wallenda clan was Karl Wallenda, and at the age of 73 he was still doing tightrope work. He went to South America several years ago and strung a tight rope between two 20-story buildings. For him that was not an unusual feat, but tragically that day Karl Wallenda fell to his death.

Some months later, some of his family were asked, "Why do you think after all these years he fell?" And someone said, "You know, two weeks before his fall, we heard him talk about falling for the first time ever. He had never mentioned falling before." He never had, and he probably never would have fallen if he had not become un-nerved by the fear of falling. Now, maybe you're doing quite a balancing act right now yourself, and you're hesitating because you're afraid you might not make it safely the rest of the way.

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