A Word With You - Jan. 14, 2013

Catching Up With a Great Vocabulary

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Scotty just came strolling in my office the other day, he didn't have an appointment, didn't check with my assistant. Oh, he doesn't need an appointment. He's about 18 months old. Yeah, he just kind of pushed the door open and there he was, and he came in talking and he almost never stopped. His mother was visiting our office, and I'll tell you, she said, "He's got a great vocabulary." And she was right! He's at that fascinating stage where his vocabulary is exploding!

In fact, even as I was talking to his mom, he was copying many of the words that I was saying and...he was getting it right. He's been doing that a lot lately they tell me. One of his mother's friends returned recently from a trip to the islands, and she had a picture of something called a flamboyant tree. Believe it or not, Scotty over in the corner says, "Flamboyant." This kid sounds like he's ready for his S.A.T.s already. The only problem is this: He's saying a lot more words than he understands. Of course, he's not the only one.

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Originally published January 14, 2013.