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A Good Thing - August 9

  • 2022 9 Aug

Day 9 ThemeNames of God
The most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he willDaniel 4:32

Some religions believe in millions of gods. Some believe that everything is god. Others believe that we are gods. But in a world crammed full of gods, the God of the Bible stakes this supreme claim – He is the most High God.

And He has proven it repeatedly through history. In the ten plagues that God sent against Egypt in Moses’ day, God was showing himself to be far superior to all the gods the Egyptians worshiped (Exodus 12:12). When the ark of God was placed in the same house with the Philistines’ imaginary god Dagon, the statue of Dagon fell on its face before it (1 Samuel 5:4).

And, again, here in Daniel, the mighty ruler Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon learns by hard experience that God is the most High, and that He is the one ultimately ruling in every place, giving power to whomsoever He will. There is no king, or employer, or powerbroker that has power outside of God’s dominion.

What a peace and pleasure comes with knowing that God rules, even in the greatest kingdoms of men, and that He dispenses power and influence and authority to whomsoever He will. God is the most High in every place on earth.

Does your life reflect an accurate view of God as the sovereign over your life? Do others see in you a joyful and willing submission to God as the most High? May it be said of us, as it was truly said of Paul and those with him, that “these are the servants of the most High God” (Acts 16:17).

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