Christianity Works - March 12


Dinner with Jesus

by Berni Dymet

Matthew 9:10 And as he sat at dinner in the house, many tax collectors and sinners came and were sitting with him and his disciples.

I guess if Jesus came to visit my town, I'd love to have Him over to dinner.  It's always nice to have the boss over for dinner.  You think about your town - where you live.  All the people that work for Jesus - the bishops or ministers or elders or evangelists or whatever…..they're surely the ones who earned a meal with the Boss.

So He catches the bus in from the airport and He doesn't even stop at any of the churches or homes of any of the ministers.  He goes straight to a hotel.  You know - that really seedy bar in town.  The place where there's always trouble - people getting drunk and the odd stabbing or shooting and prostitution.

People you just wouldn't want to hang around.  Grubs you know.

Now you might think - Berni - you're making all this up.  Not at all.  Because that's exactly where Jesus ended up, time and time again, and didn't the religious leaders of His day get their noses out of joint. 

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Originally published March 12, 2012.