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What Was the Protestant Reformation?
What Was the Protestant Reformation?

Rumblings of what would become The Protestant Reformation started in the 14th century with men and woman noticing something wrong in the Church. From community priests to the pope himself, corruption and abuse of power ran rampant, and it intimately affected the lives of millions of people across Europe. Drastic reforms were needed. This movement, called The Protestant Reformation, left the world forever changed.

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Read all about church life and the cultural trends that are shaping the Christian church today.  Discover why it is so important to go to church today.  Gain an understand of church discipline and why it is vital to Christian living today.  Identify the 10 types of Christian leadership.  Discover the role of single women in the church.  Is the church full of hypocrites?  Learn God's mandate for men in the Christian life.