Top 10 Video Q&A of 2011

Jan 01, 2012
Top 10 Video Q&A of 2011 is building the largest video library of frequently asked spiritual questions about Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity.

Here are the videos that received the most attention in 2011.  

1. Why does God seem so different in the Old Testament than He does in the New Testament? 
David Murray


2. Are Mormons Christian? 
Andy Naselli  

3. Is it possible for someone to lose their salvation in Jesus Christ? 
Brian Hedges   

4. Can a Christian practice yoga to the glory of God? 
David Powlison 

5. Will a non-Christian have a second chance at heaven after they've gone to hell? 
Garrett Kell 

6. Is it OK for Christians to go to Rated R movies? 
Russell Moore 

7. What popular misconceptions about hell appear today and in church history? 
Michael Horton 

8. What separates Jesus from other religious teachers? 
Joe Coffey 

9. Does the Bible allow women to be pastors? 
Mary Kassian 

10. What are some cautions Christians should consider before seeking treatment for depression? 
Michael Lawrence 

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