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December 1969

April 2

  • You are more sinful than you can believe, but you are more loved than you can imagine. (Explanation)
  • Don't run from your trials. (Explanation)

April 9

  • A word of love can make a world of difference. (Explanation)
  • You'll never change your life until you change your choices. (Explanation)

April 16

  • Don't follow fickle feelings; follow God. (Explanation)
  • Getting into Heaven is not about what you've done; it's about what God's done. (Explanation)

April 23

  • You can't collect a debt from someone who can't pay. Therefore, forgive! (Explanation)
  • The dreams of your future have no room for the devastations of your past. (Explanation)

April 30

  • Jesus is the way -- not an add on, an extra, an option, or a supplement. (Explanation)
  • Listen to your prayers, because they locate your level of spiritual maturity. (Explanation)