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December 1969

December 3

  • You are more sinful than you can believe, but you are more loved than you can imagine. (Explanation)
  • Be willing to let your schedule be altered if knowing God better requires it. (Explanation)

December 10

  • Listen to your prayers, because they locate your level of spiritual maturity. (Explanation)
  • Before you can love others, you must receive God's love for yourself, because you cannot give away something you don't have. (Explanation)

December 17

  • If you're not choosing to spend regular time with God, then you're choosing to die spiritually. (Explanation)
  • Life is short... and it's not about us. Eternity is long... and it's all about God. (Explanation)

December 24

  • I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow. (Explanation)
  • Private obedience leads to public blessings. (Explanation)

December 31

  • I don't want to get to the end of my one and only life and realize I've wasted it. (Explanation)
  • Don't follow fickle feelings; follow God. (Explanation)