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December 1969

January 3

  • Because of Christ's death, you can be adopted by the Father you rejected, forgiven by the Husband you cheated on, and embraced by the Friend you betrayed. (Explanation)
  • Nothing steals your joy like thinking, "I will enjoy my life when ..." (Explanation)

January 10

  • The good news is God has all the money he needs to fund ministry through his church. The bad news is it's in your pocket! (Explanation)
  • True peace only comes from the Prince of Peace. (Explanation)

January 17

  • The dreams of your future have no room for the devastations of your past. (Explanation)
  • Time is the price you must pay for intimacy with God. (Explanation)

January 24

  • Are you so hungry to own more money that your money owns you? (Explanation)
  • Are you seeking the gifts or the Giver? (Explanation)

January 31

  • He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. (Explanation)
  • You need both blessings and difficulties, because one without the other is neither. (Explanation)