Easton’s Bible Dictionary

  1. A portable shield (2 Samuel 22:31; 1 Chronicles 5:18).
  2. A shield surrounding the person; the targe or round form; used once figuratively (Psalm 91:4).
  3. A large shield protecting the whole body (Psalm 35:2; Ezekiel 23:24; 26:8).
  4. A lance or spear; improperly rendered "buckler" in the Authorized Version (1 Chronicles 12:8), but correctly in the Revised Version "spear."

The leather of shields required oiling (2 Samuel 1:21; Isaiah 21:5), so as to prevent its being injured by moisture. Copper (= "brass") shields were also in use (1 Samuel 17:6; 1 Kings 14:27). Those spoken of in 10:16, etc.; 14:26, were probably of massive metal.

The shields David had taken from his enemies were suspended in the temple as mementoes (2 Kings 11:10). (See ARMOUR, SHIELD.)