Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Winds : blowing from the four quarters of heaven (Jeremiah 49:36; Ezekiel 37:9; Daniel 8:8; Zechariah 2:6). The east wind was parching (Ezekiel 17:10; 19:12), and is sometimes mentioned as simply denoting a strong wind (Job 27:21; Isaiah 27:8). This wind prevails in Palestine from February to June, as the west wind (Luke 12:54) does from November to February. The south was a hot wind (Job 37:17; Luke 12:55). It swept over the Arabian peninsula. The rush of invaders is figuratively spoken of as a whirlwind (Isaiah 21:1); a commotion among the nations of the world as a striving of the four winds (Daniel 7:2). The winds are subject to the divine power (Psalm 18:10; 135:7).

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