Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Maachah : oppression,

  1. a small Syrian kingdom near Geshur, east of the Hauran, the district of Batanea (Joshua 13:13; 2 Samuel 10:6,8; 1 Chronicles 19:7).
  2. A daughter of Talmai, king of the old native population of Geshur. She became one of David's wives, and was the mother of Absalom (2 Samuel 3:3).
  3. The father of Hanan, who was one of David's body-guard (1 Chronicles 11:43).
  4. The daughter of Abishalom (called Absalom, 2 Chronicles 11:20-22), the third wife of Rehoboam, and mother of Abijam (1 Kings 15:2). She is called "Michaiah the daughter of Uriel," who was the husband of Absalom's daughter Tamar (2 Chronicles 13:2). Her son Abijah or Abijam was heir to the throne.
  5. The father of Achish, the king of Gath (1 Kings 2:39), called also Maoch (1 Samuel 27:2).
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