Easton’s Bible Dictionary

  1. Timely (1 Chronicles 6:21). A Gershonite Levite.
  2. Lovely. The son of Zechariah (1 Chronicles 27:21), the ruler of Manasseh in David's time.
  3. Timely. The father of Ahinadab, who was one of Solomon's purveyors (1 Kings 4:14).
  4. Lovely. A prophet of Judah who wrote the history of Rehoboam and Abijah (2 Chronicles 12:15). He has been identified with Oded (2 Chronicles 15:1).
  5. Lovely. The father of Berachiah, and grandfather of the prophet Zechariah (Zechariah 1:1,7). He returned from Babylon (Nehemiah 12:4).
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